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Say hello to beautiful brows! Certified PhiBrows Microblading Artist, providing semi permanent make-up in Scottsdale, Arizona


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What is Microblading?


Phibrows Microblading is a manual "hand" method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows which creates extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. The results? Perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows. 

What to expect



The pigment is applied with a specific Phibrows tool that has a row of several fine needles to create thin hair like marks in the skin. Your artist will choose needles and the blade type according to the technique and the skin type. The pigment is bladed just below the epidermis and the most shallow part of the dermis, making extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. A very natural result is achieved, as the hairs are bladed into the skin according to the natural hair growth direction. A touch up is included 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

Why Microblading?


Clients love microblading because of the beautiful realism it brings.  There is no down time, minimal discomfort and lasts 1-3 years. 

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About Us

April Cononetz, Certified PhiBrows Microblading Artist

April has trained with one of the best Microblading Companies in the world and has had the pleasure of working in the spa industry for several years.  With an eye for detail and artistic talent, she will be sure to provide excellence in symmetry, shape and color for your beautiful new eyebrows.   


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